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Rules of TalkMMO

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Rules of TalkMMO

Post by Daddy on Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:13 am


#1: Inappropriate Content

Posting any inappropriate content including but not exclusive to videos and images will automatically result in a permanent ban. There are some kids who use this forum so your fetishes and pleasures have no room here. So yeah.. keep that stuff to yourself.

#2: Staff Impersonation

Pretending to be a member of the staff team will get you permanently ip banned.

#3: Posting in Wrong Sections

Simply leave a note (by editing the post) in the original post stating that you want the thread to be moved to a different section/PM a forum moderator to have it moved.

#4: Regarding Flame

Flaming is not tolerated. Do not flame anybody unless you want to be banned.

#5: Regarding Spam

Posts like:
Thank you!

Are spam and spamming/spammers are not tolerated.
If you're caught spamming you'll receive 1-3 warnings and if that doesn't work then you will be banned.

#6: Stealing Credits

Plagarism is illegal and we do not condone it. Keep that out of here.

#7: Bumping

You're allowed to bump one thread once every 24 hours.
Bump more than that and you will receive some warnings and if that doesn't work -> a ban.

#8: Signature Size

The image in your sig must not be bigger than 800 x 300 pixels and you must not add ridiculous amount of text in your signature.
If you think that this is unfair then please contact an administrator.




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