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Saddly, this forum has pretty much been shut down..
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Dominion Tower

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Dominion Tower Empty Dominion Tower

Post by Daddy Tue Nov 01, 2011 9:36 pm wrote:The Dominion Tower allows accomplished combatants the chance to revisit some of the best boss fights in RuneScape in an awe-inspiring new environment, with challenging handicaps, all-new scenarios and some great rewards:

- Climber mode allows you to ascend through the levels of the tower, facing a randomly chosen boss scenario on each floor. After each victory, an effect will be applied and will persist through all subsequent fights in that attempt. While a few of these will be beneficial, most of them will be handicaps. You’ll be able to replenish food and change equipment between fights, so how high will hubris take you?

- Endurance mode restricts your access to the bank after each fight, so whatever you take in needs to last. This mode is a true test of tenacity.

- Special mode presents a range of challenging, treacherous and, often, weird encounters with which to test your skill and ingenuity. Fancy fighting Count Draynor, Elvarg, and their miscreant buddies with nothing but your fists and a bunch of explosives? How about 15 Evil Chickens? Think you can beat down Nomad twice in a row? We’d love to see you try!

- Freestyle mode lets you fight on your own terms. There are no rewards for using this mode, but it’s a great way to cut your teeth for the big leagues, or just show off fighting a boss under your own crazily difficult rules.

- Spectator mode allows you to view the fights of another player whom you’ve tagged with your dominion talisman. Cheer on your friends, celebrate their victories and wince sympathetically as they’re pummelled into the ground.

Rewards include: weapons and explosives to be used in the tower; a dominion marker to show off your accomplishments and to give you a boost when fighting other bosses; combat XP; a fierce dreadnip companion, and all-new melee, ranged and magic gloves to be used outside the tower. These degradable gloves are some of the most powerful you can get your hands on (or in) and look brilliant.

Most of all, have fun...and fight to win!

Mod Tim

How to start Dominion Tower:

From Shantay Pass, cross the northernmost bridge to the east bank of the River Elid. The entrance is just to the north. Once you’ve travelled there, speak to the face of the tower for a medallion that’ll teleport you back.


- Level 110 Combat

- Some quests

Dominion Tower Talksig


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